Sep 25

Get Accurate Directions For Trucks With Gps System

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One of the primary factors truck drivers quit driving is because of bad directions. Dispatch or navigational gadgets steer them in the incorrect instructions and when it concerns a GPS, they do not use much help when something goes wrong. And I have actually heard that some dispatch groups don’t help much either because they go to map quest and tell the motorists best of luck! Map mission is for cars and trucks, not trucks! Not surprising that motorists are quitting and I don’t blame them.

I was in the exact same boat. I utilized to own and I understand all to well the frustrations of being out there on the road without any assistance at all. The business I worked for would not enable me to use my own instructions, but it seems that with time, some companies are allowing drivers to use their own directions and navigational gadgets, or GPS.

The rate of a GPS for truck drivers is outrageous. Who can manage that? I understand of a driver who has two of them in his truck … why does he need two? He utilizes both of them at the same time best garmin gps for truckers. One focused and one zoomed out and it still tells him to make the wrong turn. That can get a truck driver in serious trouble. There are restricted paths, low clearances and not to mention height and weight requirements.

Who is accountable when a truck motorist is on a limited path due to the “directions” provided to them by dispatch or a GPS and gets stoppeded and ticketed? The driver is responsible and has to pay the ticket. That is a lot of cash out of the motorists pocket and it might have been prevented. Motorists need much better directions and somebody who cares if they are on the best road or not.

There is software application out there for truck motorists, but you have to hang around discovering it. No thank you! Truck drivers are continuously on the go and don’t wish to invest their time at home with the family attempting to figure out a bunch of software application. Who else is going to discover the software application? The drivers partner? Sure, there’s nothing incorrect with that, as long as they are not working or taking care of the kids or other family members. So that generally leaves it up to the chauffeur.

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